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Flavored Coffees

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Caramel Macchiato Flavored Coffee

The delicious tastes of vanilla coupled with caramel make this an all time favorite.

SKU: CaramelMacchiato


Chocolate Caramel Fudge Flavored Coffee

The addictive flavors of two of our favorite flavors coupled with the crisp flavor of some of the freshest roasted and blended Central and South American Arabica Coffees. Yum Yum.

SKU: ChocolateCaramelFudge


Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Coffee

The finest blend of Central and South American Coffee Beans infused with our Chocolate Raspberry flavored oil to give you a delicious after dinner or dessert coffee.

SKU: ChocolateRaspberry


Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Flavored Coffee

This delightful flavored coffee hits the spot on those cool mornings. Reminiscent of that wonderful homemade cinnamon sugar cookies that Grandma is famous for. Sorry for the name change confusion but we are not permitted to call this coffee snickerdoodle, as that name is trademarked.

SKU: CinCookie


Hazelnut Creme Flavored Coffee

We take our special blend of Central and South American beans and roast them to perfection. Then we add just the right amount of our special Hazelnut Creme flavored oil to tease your palate.

SKU: HazelnutCreme


Pumpkin Pie Flavored Coffee

We take the finest freshly roasted blend of Central and South American Coffees and add to it a delightful flavored oil that has all of the subtle flavors found in a freshly baked Pumpkin Pie. Delicious pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and allspice, it is in there.

SKU: PumpkinPie


Southern Pecan Flavored Coffee

Our most popular flavored coffee. A spectacular blend of the best coffees from Central and South America infused with a scrumptious Roasted Pecan Oil.

SKU: SouthernPecan


Displaying all products from Flavored Coffees