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Dark Roast Coffees

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Costa Rican Tarrazu Dark Roast Coffee

Central America produces some of the best coffees. This Costa Rican Tarrazu is grown at a high altitude lending it a bold luscious flavor, full bodied. We have it roasted here in a Dark French roast to bring out the wonderful complex nature of it's flavor. Low acid.

SKU: CostaRicanTarrazu


Espresso Blend

Our Espresso Blend is specially blended of 4 different and distinct coffee beans giving us the right amount of Crema and body required for a luscious espresso drink.

SKU: Espresso1


Ethiopia Sidamo

Dark Roasted African coffee from Ethiopia. Perfect for strong coffee flavor. Fruity and flavorful, just like an Ethiopian should be. Roasted Dark with a bold palate.

SKU: EthiopSida


MidNite Oil Dark Roast Coffee

Dark and full city coffees blended together for a deep rich bittersweet flavor. Perfect for strong coffee flavor

SKU: MidNiteOil


Sumatra Mandheling Dark Roast Coffee

Dark Roasted Indonesian coffee from Sumatra. Perfect for strong coffee flavor. Sweet with hints of Chocolate and Tobacco, not musty but earthy enough to remind you of where it came from.

SKU: SumatraMandhelingDk


Displaying all products from Dark Roast Coffees